desert koi




Here is a new painting I’m in the process of working on.  I’ve decided to focus on areas that I’m not strong in.  So, here is a figure I’ve started working on in oil.  Neither of these subjects I would say that I have mastered but I do hope to in the future.  At least master them to my liking!  Can anyone ever really Master painting? I find that its a constant teacher, always adding something new when you think you understand it.  So all we can do is keep enjoying the mysteries that surround the life and process of art.  Don’t get overwhelmed, just take it one day at a time!

Vulture Skull

B-Hatton-Rachel-A-Vulture Skull


Palette Knife Sketch

palette knife sketch

Acrylic, 8.5×11″

Sketches are so much fun! I love doodling around and figuring out new compositions for future paintings. This sketch was painted on a xerox copy of one of my palettes. I used the existing shapes formed by my scraping of paint around on the palette and this little creature emerged. I don’t think I’ll be doing a large scale painting of this sketch, but it was a fun experiment. I highly recommend using your old used palette paper to sketch on. This concept is sort of like a painters version of the scribble game where you scribble lines onto a page and then try to pick out an image.

Painted Skull


Acrylic, 30×48″

So finally after many different sketches the final skull emerged.  I was inspired by Georgia O’Keefe’s skull paintings, but chose to incorporate my own experimentation into the process.  The result was created by spraying water on the canvas after each application of paint.  Sometimes the canvas was so wet the paint would start sliding down the canvas in chunks.  This technique is definitely something I want to experiment with further.

Before there was as Skull…there was a Sketch.

Skull Sketch
“Perhaps the only reason why the sketch for a work gives so much pleasure is that each beholder can finish it as he chooses.”-Delacroix



Looking at you…

Looking At You

There’s this horse that lives behind my house.  He’s old and kinda dirty looking.  I love him, he has so much character!  The funny thing is that whenever I look out of my window, it seems like his rear is always facing towards me.  This painting is my representation of him.  Just imagine him looking at you and saying, “hey, what are you looking at?”